Hataraku Mao-sama! Light Novel Volume 3Edit

Lailah arrived at the abandoned Demon King Castle as she evaded the angels pursuing her, and found the tree the crystal had grown into. When she touched it, her ring responded and turned the tree into a glowing ball. Lailah opened a Gate and tossed it through it. It ended up at Maou's apartment as an apple-shaped fruit where everyone was carrying out the Obon welcoming fire. The fruit then transformed into a child when Emi tried to slice it with her sacred sword, stunning everyone present. She said her name was Alas=Ramus and called Satan as her "Papa", then when others asked who her mother was, Alas=Ramus pointed to Emi.

Alas=Ramus was born without any knowledge or memories, but is able to speak Japanese at a level expected of her appearance of a baby. Everyone tends to dote on her. As a baby, Alas=Ramus doesn't understand the enmity that exists between Maou and Emi. They were reluctant to be her parents at first, but they were eventually won over by Alas=Ramus and would tolerate having to spend time with each other for her sake.

By the end of Volume 3, she had merged herself with Emi's sword, Evolving Holy Sword "Better Half". Because of this, Alas=Ramus lives with Emi, who occasionally brings her over to Villa Rosa Sasazuka to see Maou.