Hataraku Mao-sama! Light Novel Volume 4Edit

After Satan's defeat, Camio did his best to keep the Demon World unified, but a dispute between the remaining demons occurred and split the Demon World in two; one faction who believed the Demon King was still alive and the opposing faction; the Malebranche clan, currently led by Barbariccia, who wanted revenge for their fallen King. Olba Meyer made use of the rift and approached the demons, promising them that the Evolving Holy Sword of Hero Emilia was their key to their revenge. He handed over a sword, containing a Yesod Fragment, which was crafted from the Demon King's broken horn as a bargaining chip. Camio, wanting to avert any trouble in Japan, decided to go there himself to see if Olba's claim was true. He opened a gate near Chosi and took the sword he received form Olba along with him to keep his demonic form during his time in Japan. He planned to start his search for the Holy Sword from the east, but he and several other demons were attacked by Miki Shiba's niece, Amane Ooguro. Wounded and having lost all his demonic magic, Camio took the form of a small bird and was found by Maou, who happened to be in Choshi, together with Ashiya, Urushihara, Emi, Chiho and Suzuno to help out Amane at her beach-house facility.

After regaining some of his strength, Camio informed the group about the Demon World's current situation. The four demons, along with Emi, met up at the lighthouse that night to prevent the emerging demons from the Malebranche from causing any trouble in Japan. Thanks to the sword Camio brought along, the demons were able to return to their true forms and convinced the leader of the army who had come to Earth, Ciriatto, to return back to the Demon World with the message that the Demon King was still alive and recuperating in Japan with the Holy Sword in his custody. After they closed the gate, Camio also returned to the Demon World and resumed his duties as the Demon Minister.