Kanji ドラギニャッツォ
Rōmaji Doraginyattso
Biographical Information
Species Demon
Gender Male
Personal Status
Affiliation Demon Army
Malebranche Clan
Occupation Chieftain of the Malebranche
First Appearance
Novel Debut Volume 8 (mentioned)

Draghignazzo (ドラギニャッツォDoraginyattso) is a demon from the Malebranche clan.

Story Edit

Not much is known about Draghignazzo. According to Libicocco he is one of the few original chieftains who are still alive. He, along with Scarmiglione, is described as a rash demon.

He was apparently killed by the Fangan Milita during the 'second coming of Hero Emilia to free the Azure Empire from the Malebranches.

Appearance Edit

As a member of the Malebranche clan, he has claws coming out of his limbs and bat wings.

Trivia Edit

  • Libicocco told Chiho, Draghignazzo and Scarmiglione would behead her, if she pronounced their names wrong.