The original Dullahan




Item Information
Place of Origin

Dokki Li Quijote(Original Dullahan)

Hirose's Cycle Shop(Dullahan II)




Sadao Maou, Shirō Ashiya

Crafted By

Bridgesutton(Dullahan II)

The Dullahan(デュラハン , Dyurahan) is a series of bicycles that was owned and used by Sadao Maou for transportation.


In need to find transportation, Maou visited the discount store, Dokki Li Quijote, and bought the Dullahan for 6,980 yen. It served as Shirō Ashiya and Maou's transportation until Suzuno Kamazuki had destroyed it, much to Maou's despair.

Having Suzuno pay back for the troubles that she had given to him, Maou had her pay for a new bicycle at a close MgRonald's customer's bicycle shop for 30,000 yen. Maou had dubbed his new bicycle as "The Dullahan II" and it now serves as the Maou residence's new transportation.


The DullahanEdit

The original Dullahan was an old green bicycle with a basket attached to the front. 

The Dullahan IIEdit

Dullahan II is a six-speed Bridgesutton bicycle outfitted with an aluminum frame with reflector plates attached in all directions and has a headlight that automatically turns on at night. It's able to shift gears, allowing the Dullahan II to change speeds. Upon buying the new bicycle, Maou had super-glued a reflector plate from the original Dullahan onto it in honor for its "sacrifice".


  • The discount store from which the original Dullahan was bought, Dokki Li Quijote, is derived from real life Japan's Don Quijote.
  • The Dullahan II's brand, Bridgesutton, is derived from real life's Bridgestone brand.

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