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Emi Yusa
Kanji 遊佐恵美
Rōmaji Yusa Emi
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Age 17 (fabricated as 20+ in Japan)
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Red
Personal Status
Occupation Hero (formerly)

Call Center Agent

Relatives Nord Justina (Father)

Layla (Mother)
Alas=Ramus (Daughter)

First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1
Manga Debut Volume 1
Seiyū Yoko Hikasa

Emi Yusa(遊佐 恵美 Yusa Emi?) / Emilia Justina (エミリア・ユスティーナ Emiria Yusutīna?) is the Hero who defeated the Demon Lord. After forcing the Demon Lord to retreat from Ente Isla, she followed him to modern day Japan to ensure that he is destroyed. However, just like the Demon Lord, she lost most of her powers upon her arrival and is forced to assume a Japanese name and find employment as a call center agent. She is a human/angel hybrid.


Emilia was raised by her father on a farm in Ente Isla during Satan's conquest, and they lived a peaceful life. When the Church arrived at their home one day, her father revealed that her mother was an angel, and the Church was here to take her away as they needed to train her as the Hero, the only one that can kill the Demon Lord Satan. Although reluctant at first, her motivation was fuelled when she received news of her father's death when the Demon Lord's army laid waste to their fields. In truth, Emi's father is still alive, as her mother had hid him away from other angels due to his possession of the "other half" of the sacred sword pair.

Emilia defeated Lucifer in the West, forced Alsiel's retreat in the East, then proceeded to storm the Demon Lord's stronghold in the central continent. She had had him cornered, slicing off one of his horns in the process, but Satan then opened a portal and escaped, but not before announcing his intention to return and reconquer Ente Isla. Emilia pursued him through the portal, and then found that her companion, Orba Meyer, had failed to enter it in time with her.

Story Edit

At a crossroad, Emi met Maou for the first time in Japan, but failed to recognise him at first. She lacked an umbrella, thus Maou lent her his own, saying that he wasn't far from the MgRonald's he works at. She identified him once he left, and proceeded to observe him from the bookstore across the street from the restaurant.

That night, Emi confronts him at the same crossroad, pulling a knife against him. Maou observed that she must have ended up in a similar state as him, as he owned the same knife from a 100-yen shop nearby. The racket attracted a policeman's attention, who brought them to the police station and concluded mistakenly that they were having a lovers' tiff. This made Emi extremely indignant, but she ended up letting Maou off for the night.


Emi is a strong-willed and powerful hero capable of wielding the sacred sword 'Better Half'. She is generally very kind and tries to do the best for other people, but due to her feud with the Demon Lord, she tends to be mean to him and resents his kindness. However, she admits that his kindness has helped her and others many times, and it is hinted that she may not completely dislike Maou. She is also extremely sensitive about her chest size, and is secretly envious of Chiho's.


Emi has long red hair that goes past her hips, with two strands hanging in front. The strands on the right are weaved into a braid; she also sports an ahoge (cowlick) on top of her head. Her eyes, as a human, are green. She is shown to wear many different outfits in the human world, and wears a uniform at work. In Ente Isla, she wore a full-body crusader armor as the Hero.

When she uses her sacred power to transform, her hair colours turn white.

Character RelationshipsEdit

Sadao MaōEdit

Back in Ente Isla, they were mortal enemies. On Earth, they still tend to be at odds with each other but on a smaller scale. She seems to be conflicted with her intention to kill Satan, having seen the compassion his human self is capable as compared to her idea of the Demon Lord in the past. They are currently raising Alas-Ramus as they had decided to be her parents; this has created many situations to bring them closer. In Volume 10 of the light novel, it is revealed that she has developed feelings for Maou, due to their time spent together.

Shirō AshiyaEdit

Back in Ente Isla they were enemies. On Earth, they share a cordial acquaintance but Emi does not hesitate to put down Maou in front of Ashiya, which aggravates him.

Rika SuzukiEdit

Her friend and colleague at Dokodemo. Rika appreciates Emi for not prying into her past when she revealed that she's from Kobe.

Chiho SasakiEdit

They did not get off to a good start, as on their first meeting Emi warned Chiho about Maou's character and unwittingly mislead Chiho into thinking that she had a relationship with Maou. Now, she is on friendly terms with Chiho, the only human on earth that knows the true identity of the people from Ente Isla. At times, she gets jealous at Chiho's chest size.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Most of her power hasn't been revealed due to her need to preserve her residual magic on Earth. In Ente Isla, she was known to be very powerful, able to single-handedly push back the demonic forces and fight the Demon Lord and his generals on equal grounds. In the human world, she still has a bit of her power left, but she is required to consume a drink call Holy Vitamin Beta, provided by Emerada, to replenish her magical reserves while on Earth.

Sacred PowerEdit

The powers that she have revealed:

  • Heavenly Flames: It was shown that it engulfed her blade with fire with enough power to strike down Urushihara.  It is unknown if this is an inherent ability of the Better Half or if she can perform it with any weapon.
  • Barrier Creation (unnamed): This protects the target from harm.
  • Memory Manipulation (unnamed): By touching the target's forehead, she can erase a person's memories.
  • Sleep Magic (unnamed): By touching the target's forehead, she can make someone fall asleep. 
  • Energy Projectiles: During the fight against Lucifer and Olba, Emi fired an energy projectile from her hand to counter Olba's surprise attack against Ashiya.


Emi was shown to be capable of flight, but its limitations (such as whether it uses up her Sacred Power or not) are not clear as of yet.


Her sacred sword, 'Better Half', is made from a heavenly metal (天銀 tengin). It can only be used by the child born from a human and angel. When taken by the Church of Ente Isla, Emilia started undergoing training in swordsmanship. Previously held in the possession of the Church, 'Better Half' was returned to her and she finally obtained the ability to defeat the Demon Lord as the Hero.

Endurance/Recovery Edit

Despite her human body being more fragile in Japan than it is in Ente Isla, Emi caught a falling Chiho, although the impact sent her to her knees, breaking the bones in her legs in process. She was able to move and recover from her injury soon after.

Enhanced Reflexes Edit

Having been trained by priests of Ente Isla, she is shown to be able to dodge multiple projectiles in close combat.


  • Her original name "Emilia" means rival.
  • Yusa sounds similar to yuusha, which means Hero in Japanese.


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