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The Demon King and the Hero Take a Break from the Daily Routine The Demon King Fulfills His Duty
Episode 11 - The Hero Stays True to Her Convictions
Episode 11 Image
Season One, Episode Eleven
Kanji 勇者、己の信念を貫く
Rōmaji Yūsha, Onore no Shinnen o Tsuranuku
Episode Information
Air Date June 13th, 2013
Written by Satoshi Wagahara
Directed by Naoto Hosoda
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Episode 10 - The Demon King and the Hero Take a Break from the Daily Routine
Episode 12 - The Demon King Fulfills His Duty


Shirō continues to suffer from his illness while Miki sends boxes of merchandise she imported from Hawaii for Sadao and co. to sell at a bazaar in the shopping district. Meanwhile, Suzuno has a flashback which shows her job as an executioner of the Church to kill members of the rebelling Allied Knight Order. Eventually Chiho and Emi show up at Sadao's apartment building and along with Suzuno, help him move all of the merchandise over to the shopping district before he leaves for his shift at MgRonald. Here, Suzuno leaves the group and has a meeting with a hooded person involving her mission to kill Sadao to which she shows hesitation. Another flashback shows her eavesdropping on the Church's leaders during a meeting on Ente Isla where they conspire to use inconspicuous means to kill their enemies, to which Crestia laments that she didn't want to kill anyone. Back in the present, Suzuno reveals her true nature to Chiho and tries to justify her intentions of killing Sadao. Chiho, brought to tears, vehemently defends Sadao because of his kindness. Emi interjects and remains against killing Sadao instead, striving to fight for a world where everyone can live in peace, a statement which visibly enrages Suzuno and abruptly walks off. While Emi and Chiho walk home and ponder what happened, they are attacked by the masked man with the scythe from before, who reveals himself to be the fallen angel Sariel before managing to overwhelm Emilia in battle. Chiho tries to call Sadao, but is knocked unconscious by Crestia. At the same time, Sadao learns from Chiho's mother that Chiho didn't arrive home and has Hanzō track Emi's location via GPS but instead finds Suzuno moving rapidly towards the City Hall. Also learning that Mitsuki Sarue's identity is a forgery, Sadao hurriedly heads to City Hall to rescue Chiho while Olba regains consciousness in the hospital.