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The Hero Stays True to Her Convictions The Demon King and the Hero Do Some Honest Hard Work
Episode 12 - The Demon King Fulfills His Duty
Episode 12 Image
Season One, Episode Twelve
Kanji 魔王、己の職責を果たす
Rōmaji Maō, Onore no Shokuseki o Hatasu
Episode Information
Air Date June 20, 2013
Written by Satoshi Wagahara
Directed by Naoto Hosoda
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Episode 11 - The Hero Stays True to Her Convictions
Episode 13 -The Demon King and the Hero Do Some Honest Hard Work


Shirō steps out of his hospital room for a bit and notices an unconscious police officer. While investigating, he is violently punched into submission by the newly awakened Olba, who learns of Sadao's residence from Shirō's insurance card. Atop City Hall, Sariel sadistically begins torturing Emilia in order to obtain the Better Half, although it refuses to manifest in his presence. Meanwhile, Satan arrives a destroys Sariel's barrier using his remaining magic. At that moment, Crestia attacks him with a magical mallet and is surprised to learn that Satan and his fellow demons had known about her since she first moved into the Villa Rosa. Not having any magic, Satan takes a beating from Crestia but gets up nonetheless to rescue Chiho from Sariel, leaving Crestia to realize that unlike Satan, she had abandoned her friends. At the same time, Olba visits Lucifer and seeks to reestablish their contract. As Sariel begins to reveal a perverted nature, Emilia claims that Satan will show up to save Chiho because of his natural instinct to protect his fellow coworkers, which is mocked by Sariel. Much to Chiho and Emilia's relief Satan does arrive but is easily overwhelmed by Sariel due to his lack of magic. Elsewhere, Olba replenishes his magic with Emilia's drink and casts a spell which enlarges the Moon, which increases Sariel's magic while subsequently throwing the city into mass panic. The panic grants Satan an enormous magical boost but Sariel remains confident in his power, even as Crestia decides to side with Satan. Elsewhere, Lucifer knocks Olba out, cancelling the Moon spell, after deceiving him into throwing the city into panic for Satan's advantage. Finally Satan and Sariel engage in an epic aerial battle which destroys half of the city and ultimately ends with Sariel's defeat to Satan's demon sword.