Haisukūru Manga Volume 2
High School! Vol 2
Release Date May 27, 2013 (Japanese)
November 17, 2015 (English)
ISBN-10 ISBN 4048916475 (Japanese)
ISBN 0316385115 (English)
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-4048916479 (Japanese)
ISBN 978-0316385121 (English)
Number of Pages 114
Cover Character/s Sadao Maou, Alas=Ramus, Emi Yusa
Previous Novel Volume 1
Next Novel Volume 3

Haisukūru Manga Volume 2 (はたらく魔王さま!ハイスクール!2) is the 2nd volume of the Hataraku Maou-sama! High School! manga spin-off series.

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Maou (aka the Devil King) and Emi (aka Emilia the Hero) have arrived from another world--and now they're in high school! Things are crazy enough already with classmate Chiho's ongoing crush on Maou, but are these kids going to be ready when a little girl shows up on Maou's doorstep and calls him "papa"?

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