Hataraku Maou-sama! Original Soundtrack
Original Soundtrack
Title Hataraku Maou-sama! Original Soundtrack
Release Date June 26, 2013
Hataraku Maou-sama! Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack album that contains the background music from Hataraku Maou-sama! This album contains two discs.

Track ListEdit

CD 1Edit

  1. Zero (TV Ver.)
  2. Ente Isla
  3. The Beginning of the Battle
  4. Confronting
  5. The Devil Arrives in Sasazuka
  6. Parallel Universe
  7. The Devil's Castle
  8. First Résumé
  9. Anguish of Ashiya
  10. Formidable Enemy
  11. The Devil and Hero Reunite
  12. Fateful Confrontation 
  13. The Hero Visits the Devil's Castle
  14. Living Poorly
  15. Table at Maou's Home
  16. Chiho
  17. Give Up on Ente Isla
  18. The Hero Stays at the Devil's Castle
  19. Unrest
  20. Ashiya All Fired Up
  21. Date with Chiho
  22. Cannot Bear to Watch!
  23. Pandemonium
  24. Emi vs Chiho
  25. In the Dark
  26. The Devil Regains His Strength
  27. Eyecatch A
  28. Welcome to MgRonald

CD 2Edit

  1. Eyecatch B
  2. Maou and Ashiya
  3. Urushihara
  4. Strategy Meeting
  5. Intrusion
  6. Seven Wonders of the School
  7. Calm Days
  8. Zero (Acoustic Ver.)
  9. On the Sly
  10. Suzuno
  11. Imminent Fear
  12. Rage
  13. Subtitle
  14. Loneliness
  15. Maou's Daily Life
  16. Warm Memory
  17. Hometown
  18. Touched by Tenderness
  19. Moon Flower (Acoustic Ver.)
  20. Premonition
  21. Awakening
  22. The Strength of the Hero and the Devil
  23. Moon Flower (TV Ver.)
  24. Star Chart (TV Ver.)
  25. Strumming Alone (TV Ver.)

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