Hataraku Maou Sama Manga Volume 10
Manga Volume 10
Release Date September 27, 2016 (Japanese)
September 19, 2017 (English)
ISBN-10 ISBN 4048922904 (Japanese)
ISBN 031656267X (English)
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-4048922906 (Japanese)
ISBN 978-0316562676 (English)
Number of Pages 162
Cover Character/s Emi Yusa, Alas=Ramus, Maou Sadao, Rika Suzuki
Previous Novel Volume 9
Next Novel Volume 11

Hataraku Maou Sama Manga Volume 10 (はたらく魔王さま! 10) is the 10th volume of the Hataraku Maou Sama manga adaptation.

Summary Edit

The Devil goes digital!

Repairs to the Devil's Castle, the one-bedroom apartment in Japan, are complete, and Maou and the crew discover they have an all-new HD hookup! The Devil King's never owned a TV before, so they're on their first trip to the electronics outlet! But why's Gabriel hanging around the apartment...?

Chapters Edit

  • Chapter 47: The Devil Demands a Rather Expensive Purchase
  • Chapter 48: The Hero Makes Her Own Key Ring
  • Chapter 49: The Devil Drops a Favor to a Noodle-Shop Clerk
  • Chapter X: The Devil and Hero Buy a Children's Futon (Part 1)
  • Chapter X: The Devil and Hero Buy a Children's Futon (Part 2)


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