Hataraku Maou Sama Manga Volume 11

Manga Volume 11

Manga Volume 11

Release Date March 27, 2017 (Japanese)
May 22, 2018 (English)
ISBN-10 ISBN 404892768X (Japanese)
ISBN 1975326431 (English)
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-4048927680 (Japanese)
ISBN 978-1975326432 (English)
Number of Pages 178 (Japanese)
160 (English)
Cover Character/s Chiho Sasaki, Emi Yusa, Sadao Maou
Previous Novel Volume 10
Next Novel Volume 12

Hataraku Maou Sama Manga Volume 11 (はたらく魔王さま! 11) is the 11th volume of the Hataraku Maou Sama manga adaptation.

Summary Edit

Chiho has collapsed, and Maou and company have figured out that it must be the work of an Angel. The only thing left to figure out is whether they're holed up in Tokyo Tower or the Sky Tree. When the group finally finds whoever's responsible for hurting their friend, the ultimate Maou/Alciel combo is going to paint the town red!

Chapters Edit

  • Chapter 50:The Devil Get in the Way of Romance
  • Chapter 51: The Devil Decides to Help Out in the Hospital
  • Chapter 52: The Hero Visits Skytree Before It’s Even Open
  • Chapter 53: The Hero Puts Things Off for Later
  • Chapter 54:The Devil Tv-ifies His Castle
  • Afterword