Holy Vitamin β
Emerada's gift, Holy Vitamin β
Item Information
Place of Origin

Holy Saint Aire Empire


Magical Object


Emi Yusa, Suzuno Kamazuki, Olba Meyer, Hanzō Urushihara

Crafted By

Emerada Etuva

Holy Vitamin β is a type of energy drink created by Emerada Etuva as a means of replenishing the user's supernatural powers on Earth. When consumed by a wielder of holy magic, it replenishes the user's Celestial Force.


Made as a method to recover a user's magic while on Earth, Holy Vitamin β was originally conceived and brewed by Emeralda Etuva in her laboratory through the use of magical alchemy. She regularly produces more of the energy drinks and sends them through the Gate to Emilia, so that the latter can maintain her powers in case of an emergency.


Despite containing a liquefied form of Celestial Force, the potion appears to be an ordinary beverage on the surface, which was the intention as it was created as an inconspicuous way for Emilia to replenish her stores of magic. Holy Vitamin β is a strong source of energy, as its consumption allows the user to call upon far greater power than they would normally be capable of on magic-deprived Earth. A short while after receiving the drink from Emeralda, Emi notes her Sacred Sword was much stronger than before, having tested it against Lucifer beforehand, and afterwards during her first battle with the Archangel Sariel.

To be effective, Holy Vitamin β must be taken twice a day in doses, the first bottle in the morning and the second in the afternoon hours. Emeralda specifically mentions that trying to take a double shot to compensate for missing one before would be ineffective or even hazardous, similar to taking medicine.