Kanji リビコッコ
Rōmaji Ribikokko
Biographical Information
Species Demon
Gender Male
Personal Status
Affiliation Malebranche
Occupation Chieftain of the Malebranche
First Appearance
Novel Debut Volume 8 Chapter 3

Libicocco (リビコッコ) is a demon and one of the Chietians of the Malebranche.

Story Edit

Libicocco appeared at Sasanata North High School, the school of Chiho Sasaki. Chiho lures him to the rooftop, where she tries to find out his goal. After passing an unorthodox pronunciation test, regarding Libicocco's name, he explains to Chiho that he just happen to appear at her school just because there was a Gate near and that he was instructed to create an 'easy to understand ruckus'. Which was the storm that had been raging in Tokyo. ignoring Chiho's pleas to stop the storm, he makes the storm heavier, until Suzuno and Urushihara appear and engage in combat with the demon. They overpower Libicocco easily, but to his surprise, Suzuno does not give the finishing blow and demands him to stop the storm. Camael ambushes them with a surprise attack, forcing Suzuno to flee with Chiho. They are halted by Libicocco who requests for Chiho to hand over the Yesod fragment she received from Laylah. She refuses and Suzuno is stabbed by Camael's heavenly troops. Wounded, Suzuno tries to flee, but her illusion spell has no effect on Libicocco. He takes Chiho and was about to hand her over to the heavenly troopes, when Maou appears and saves Chiho, cutting Libicocco's arm In the process and defeating the heavenly troops. Camael spots Maou and becomes berserk. He is defeated by Maou with the Evolving Holy Sword One Wing, leaving Camael, Libicocco and the heavenly troops with no other choice but to retreat.

Appearance Edit

Like every other Malebranche, Libicocco has claws extending from his limbs and wings. He is larger than Farfarello, but his wings and claws are smaller.

Trivia Edit

  • He calls Farfarello, boy Farell
  • Like with Farfarello, Chiho has trouble with prounounsing his name correctly, calling him Libikuku to Libicocco's annoyance.

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