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Rika Suzuki
Rika Suzuki
Kanji 鈴木 梨香
Rōmaji Suzuki Rika
Biographical Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Personal Status
Affiliation Docodemo Customer Service Center
Occupation Call Center Agent
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 2
Novel Debut Volume 1
Manga Debut Volume 1
Seiyū Asuka Nishi (Japanese)
Alexis Tipton (English)

Rika Suzuki (鈴木 梨香 Suzuki Rika?) is Emi's coworker at Docodemo.


Rika has cocoa brown hair and eyes. She usually parts her hair to the right. She is most often seen in her work uniform.


Rika is kind, sincere, caring and very friendly, especially towards Emi. She takes great care of Emi, having invited her to have meals together and worried about her fare when she was victimized to an attack by unseen forces during Emi's meeting with Maou, Chiho and Ashiya.

On the other hand, she is very curious, but ironically, naïve. She went as far as arranging a meeting to find out about Maou, whom she mistook for Emi's romantic interest, much to Emi's irritation.

She is shown to have a slight crush on Ashiya.

Background Edit

Rika was originally from Kobe, where her family owns a factory. When things don't go well they all work together to help each other.

Rika is also a survivor of the Kobe earthquake of 1995. After moving to Tokyo, she gets annoyed whenever people ask about the earthquake after finding out that she is from Kobe, and thus decided to never bring up her hometown and shed her Kansai accent. Emi is the first person Rika has met that did not ask awkward questions about the disaster.


  • Her name Rika (Kanji: 梨香) roughly means "The Scent of Pear".

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