Emi Yusa Edit

Upon their initial encounter, Suzuno and Emi misunderstood each other. Emi had thought that Suzuno, like Chiho, had romantic feelings for Maou and had indirectly informed her about Maou's dark past. In actuality, Suzuno was actually spying on Maou thus forcing her to spend time at his home. After getting on the same page with each other Suzuno and Emi both team up with the focus of bring the devil down. They eventually develop a close bond and later become very good friends to the where they are willing to die to protect one another. It can be noted that their takes on justice contrasts greatly. While Emi believes taking lives is cruel and unjust, Suzuno believes that it is necessary and usually unavoidable.

Sadao Maou Edit

Suzuno was originally meant to spy and assassinate the Demon King under the orders of the Church. However, having spent time with his entourage and ultimately being saved by him, she realizes that Sadao is no longer the villain that he once was since living on Earth and becomes a trustworthy ally and friend. In the 9th volume of the light novel while traveling together on Ente Isla to save Emi, she takes his confession. She then realizes not only is Maou a truly good person and would be a just King, but she also has unrequited feelings for him. She ultimately decides to keep this from him, as to not get in the way of her friend Chiho's feelings.

Chiho Sasaki Edit

As an inhabitant of earth, Suzuno initially saw Chiho as someone who should have her memories involving Ente Isla erased. However, after spending time with the human girl, she begins to view her as an important friend.

Sariel Edit