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    March 21, 2015 by Don'tHateOnFate

    Hey guys, I'm sure you've been seeing me edit lots the past two weeks, and I'd like to announce that I requested to adopt Hataraku Maou-sama! Wiki.

    I'm writing this as a heads up because I don't know if you guys are alive out there. You guys never talk, so I went ahead and requested for adoption. If you guys want to say anything about it, please say something. 

    I'm already an admin on another wiki, so I have experience. In addition, I know how to use coding(CSS and js), and I know how to create aesthetics. 

    Anyways, please say something.

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  • Don'tHateOnFate

    Hello guys! I am a new editor on this wiki who hopes to learn more of the Hataraku Mao-sama series! As some of you may know, Yen Press will be releasing lots of the Hataraku Mao-sama franchise in English, however, on certain months. By the time Yen Press releases up to the currently released novel, Volume 12, a couple years may have passed. No one wants to wait that long, therefore, I will be looking for blogs that have translated them and I will share what I've learned on the wiki.

    I hope some of you will work with me on some of these because there are some eye openers here:

    • Updating any information. There is lots of stuff that hasn't been touched within a year.
    • Creating new pages such as manga pages, character pages, Terminology, etc
    • Replaciā€¦

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