Hello guys! I am a new editor on this wiki who hopes to learn more of the Hataraku Mao-sama series! As some of you may know, Yen Press will be releasing lots of the Hataraku Mao-sama franchise in English, however, on certain months. By the time Yen Press releases up to the currently released novel, Volume 12, a couple years may have passed. No one wants to wait that long, therefore, I will be looking for blogs that have translated them and I will share what I've learned on the wiki.


I hope some of you will work with me on some of these because there are some eye openers here:

  • Updating any information. There is lots of stuff that hasn't been touched within a year.
  • Creating new pages such as manga pages, character pages, Terminology, etc
  • Replacing low quality images with higher quality as well as adding Light Novel illustrations to their respective volume
  • Improving aesthetics (not gonna lie, it's a bit of an eyesore here).
  • Proper categorizing
  • Adding templates(which will be a major pain in the neck because I've never worked or developed infoboxes like these)

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