Yesod Fragments
Item Information
Place of Origin

Yesod Sephira




Emi Yusa, Sadao Maou

Crafted By

Tree of Life; Lailah

The Yesod Fragments are shattered pieces of the fruit, Yesod Sephira. After being stolen from the Tree of Life, Yesod Sephira was shattered and divided across Ente Isla.

Background Edit

Many years before the war between humans and demons broke out in Ente Isla, the Ninth Fruit of the Tree of Life was stolen by an unknown being and split. The fragments were scattered throughout Ente Isla, where they were weaponized. The angel Lailah gave one fragment to a young Satan Jacob upon rescuing the Demon Child following the slaughter of his family. Following his ascension as the Demon King, he planted the shard behind the throne of his castle, producing a tree which bore the fruit that would become Alas Ramus. Another shard was found by the Church of Ente Isla and made into the Sacred Sword, Better Half, the blade that would one day be wielded by the Hero Emilia in her crusade to free Ente Isla from the Demon Army's hold. Gabriel, Yesod Sephira's guardian, spent many years obtaining the fragments until he traveled to the other world where the last two still remain, in the possession of Emi Yusa and Maou Sadao.

Characteristics Edit

Each fragment, like its whole self, are violet, the color of the Yesod Sephira. Although they are small, they possess great power and are able to neutralize each other's powers.

Evolving Holy Sword "Better Half" Edit

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